A process assessment can focus your organisation

A process assessment can focus your organisation

September 27, 2013 1:58 pm 0 comments

In each blog I outline the different elements of process management needed to enable your business to see how a process based management style can help your business perform at its optimum level.

For those of you who follow me, you know I believe strongly that if you are on the process journey, you need to periodically assess where your organisation is on that journey to make adjustments, so you can achieve your strategic objectives.

By assessing where you are, you will be able to:

  • Use your strengths to communicate your progress to the rest of the organisation, in particular to key stakeholders.  This helps develop and spread the process mindset.
  • Engage key people in the assessment so you can continue to build and strengthen the support for the process journey
  • Use the feedback of an assessment (which identifies roadblocks, gaps and missing steps) to aid in developing action plans.  Engage as many people as possible in implementing the action plans to broaden the participation in the process journey.
  • Realign your efforts to the organisation’s strategy.  You can do this on an ongoing basis through management of the deployment plan; this provides another opportunity to engage stakeholders to validate the alignment.

Anyone implementing a process mindset (for instance: PBM, BPM, CI, or Lean/Six Sigma) without an assessment is working at a disadvantage.  If you don’t know where you have been, and what has worked or not worked, how can you plot a successful course forward?

For a minimal investment of time and money, an assessment can add tremendous value to your process journey.  It will ensure the organisation is focusing on the right things at the right time, and help align its process journey to the strategy.

I believe there are many compelling reasons for a process-based approach to improving business performance. Learn more about how our approach can help you identify the pathway to improving business by taking our two free quick assessments on Process Improvement or Process Based Management.


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