Achieve results from your process improvement efforts

Achieve results from your process improvement efforts

September 5, 2014 10:11 am 0 comments

What if you’ve done everything you planned for your process improvement project, but it is not clear if you achieved the results you expected. Your process team has identified the process changes to meet the project’s objectives, and has worked with the process performers to implement these changes. There are still two important steps that need to be completed.

Firstly, the team needs to document the impact of the process changes that have been implemented and secondly, the team and the Process Owner need to implement and monitor the process measures that the team identified during the process improvement session.

How do you document the impact of the process changes?

Compare the actual results to the targets used to justify the project. To launch the project, assumptions were made to justify the benefits of the project. Compare the actual benefits to what you used in the assumptions. There are usually three aspects:
o Time: Did cycle times drop to the levels you targeted?
o Cost: Did you meet the cost targets that you assumed would be achieved? Quantify the impact in terms that key decision makers will understand and can buy into.
o Quality: Did you achieve your quality and customer satisfaction targets? Make sure that customer impacts are included, and your customer agrees with your assessment.

Identify unexpected benefits you achieved, or problems you encountered. These could be internal and/or external.
o Were there impacts on the customer you did not expect? These could be positive or negative. Document these so the process teams can learn from these impacts for future projects.
o Identify the impact on the process team, as well as others touched by the process. Each process improvement project touches different people in the organisation, and has the ability to create buy-in or resistance. Learn from each project to improve your process improvement approach so you are always creating additional buy-in.

As you document the impact of the process changes, you begin to monitor the ongoing performance of the process based on the process measures identified and put in place with the new process. Part of your “process management process” is to not only improve processes through process improvement projects, but to monitor the performance of the process on an ongoing basis.

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