Appointing an Interim Executive

Interim Executive Appointments

The Need for Interim Management

Consider these frequently encountered opportunities for appointing an Interim Executive:

  • The sudden resignation or enforced absence of a senior manager.
  • Delay in appointing a permanent replacement of a key executive.
  • Rapid changes in the economy or competitive environment.
  • Major organisational changes such as withdrawing from a business activity.
  • Key projects requiring expertise that the organisation does not possess.

Challenges such as these require swift action to improve performance, maintain financial results and restore confidence.

However, in many organisations, the management team has limited capacity to absorb the extra workload or lacks the high calibre expertise required.  In these situations there are significant benefits to be gained from appointing an Interim Executive: an experienced, capable leader or manager to undertake a temporary management appointment until the project objective is met, or if required, a permanent replacement is appointed.

Appointment of an Interim Executive is often a more cost effective and productive solution to an immediate need for reliable expertise in the organisation.  Interim appointments avoid hastily promoting an internal candidate or the sometimes considerable downtime associated with the delay in recruiting a permanent replacement.  When it’s crucial to ensure the replacement appointment is the very best decision, the Interim Executive takes the pressure off the recruitment and selection process allowing a much more considered approach to appointing the ideal new manager or executive.

Appointment of an Interim Manager or Executive


Interim Executive Appointments provides professional and experienced senior managers for short term assignments in a variety of situations including:

  • Filling a temporary gap in the management team.
  • Leading and facilitating change projects.
  • Improving business performance.
  • Commencing, or withdrawing from, a business or activity.
  • Reorganising or restructuring a business.
  • Managing the transition for a merged or acquired business.
  • Disposing of surplus assets including property and plant and equipment.
  • Preparing a business for sale.

The services provided by Interim Executive Appointments ensures the Client Organisation and its managers remain focussed on their primary mission and roles whilst the seasoned professional, the Interim Executive, completes the assignment.


Before an assignment commences, Interim Executive Appointments takes time to understand the Client Organisation and how the proposed assignment aligns with the organisation’s objectives.  Through initial meetings, Interim Executive Appointments establishes key elements of the assignment including the following:

  • Business background and history to the present situation.
  • Objectives and expected duration of the assignment.
  • Nature of the role and qualifications, skills and experience being sought.
  • Identifying the management style that fits the organisation’s culture.
  • Reporting relationships including contacts and preparation of reports.
  • Responsibility and authority of the Interim Executive.
  • Service expectations and milestone achievements during the assignment.

The key to a successful interim management assignment is the ability to respond promptly.  Typically the timeframe from the initial briefing to entry into the Client Organisation is about two weeks.

Interim Executive or Manager

Once the assignment scope is agreed, an Interim Executive with all the attributes for the position is identified and briefed on the assignment.  Although Interim Executives sign Confidentiality Agreements, identifying details of the Client Organisation may be withheld until agreement is reached with the client that the Interim Executive generally satisfies the Client’s criteria.  An interview between the Client and the Interim Executive is arranged and, subject to agreement by both parties, contracts are prepared and signed.


For each interim assignment a contract is prepared between Interim Executive Appointments and the Client documenting the scope of the assignment and the contract fee.  The Interim Executive also signs a contract with Interim Executive Appointments agreeing to faithfully and diligently provide the services and perform the responsibilities and authorities of the position for the period of the assignment.


During the assignment Interim Executive Appointments maintains regular contact with the Interim Executive to ensure all elements of the scope are delivered.  A similar level of contact is maintained with the Client to ensure that objectives, expectations and milestones are being fulfilled.

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