Business and Executive Mentoring

Establishing a relationship with a MENTOR is a very effective way for Owners, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Directors to identify and achieve their full potential.

A Mentor challenges and inspires the protégé, the Mentee, to attain their personal and career vision.

The Mentee gains access to the Mentor’s knowledge and experience and network of contacts allowing progress at a much faster rate than working alone.  In the process, the Mentee develops skills and behaviours that contribute to their personal and professional development so that they become much more successful.

Business and Executive Mentoring is an important component of the work Peter Westlund and qualified associates of Ascent Management perform for Business Owners and Managers.

Guidance, Facilitation and Empowerment

Typically, Peter Westlund as the Mentor can provide you, as the Mentee, with the following opportunities:

  • Guidance that provides direction and feedback in dealing with leadership and management challenges and decision making.
  • Facilitation of new relationships and learning experiences for leadership development.
  • Empowerment to acquire relevant new knowledge and skills, and to develop the character and personal vision for success.

Enthusiastic about the need for continuing personal and professional development, Peter talks through your ideas and plans to understand and identify the real issues before empowering you with feedback.

However, behind this empathy there is an approach to seeking from you real change and a commitment to act.  This may involve challenging the ‘status quo’ and introducing options which you may not have previously considered.  Above all, Peter facilitates you to reflect on alternative solutions before taking responsibility for your own decision making and actions.

Business Mentoring

Michael Gerber, in his book “The E Myth Revisited”, identifies the myth of the entrepreneur; the myth that everyone who understands the technical work of a business can successfully run a business that does that technical work. In reality, every business owner has three competing personalities; the creative visionary of the Entrepreneur, the pragmatic predictability of the Manager and the “Do It Now” approach of the Technician. The role of a Business Mentor is to assist Business Owners to understand the competing needs of each personality and help them to achieve a balance between all three. It is to help Business Owners achieve the Vision from a moment of entrepreneurial inspiration before they added a whole lot of business planning and management tasks for which many have limited skills and training.


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