Communicate your process efforts to move forward

Communicate your process efforts to move forward

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Every organisation has many initiatives that are underway at any point in time. These initiatives all compete for resources and attention. Your process improvement efforts are important to those that are involved; communication is a key to these efforts being important to the rest of the organisation, and to the efforts being sustained over time.

What should be included in your communication efforts?

The impact of your process improvement projects

1. Be specific and in language that others in the organisation will understand. For example:
– specific improvements in customer service: response time to customer request reduced from 4 hours to
1 hour;
– specific impacts on product delivery: % of orders filled on-time increased from 70% to 95%.
2. Identify how the efforts impact others:
– Identify changes in workloads: address both positive and perceived negative impacts;
– Identify groups that benefited from the changes that were implemented, and the specific impact on those

How the process improvement efforts support the strategy of the organisation

• Employees want to know how what they are doing supports the strategy of the organisation. Make that connection clear.
• Each process team should know how their process and the efforts to improve the process support the strategy and operating plan in place. Use those teams to help communicate their efforts.

Some information on the benefits of a process approach

• Share your high level list of end-to-end processes. You want the organisation to understand what these are, and what they mean. This helps creates a language around process.
• Provide insight into the benefits of managing end-to-end processes. Most people do not know, so continually provide examples and make the case for the process approach.
• Provide insight into what will be different from a process approach, and how it will impact employees.

Future process improvement efforts and the impact of these efforts

• What future efforts are planned, and how will those efforts “impact me”. Keep people engaged by identifying when and how these process efforts will become real to them.

Without constant communication around your process efforts and the positive results and impacts from those efforts, it will be just another initiative that may not last. You need to not only get and keep people engaged in what the efforts are trying to accomplish, but also build a process mindset that will sustain efforts as you move forward. You will run into roadblocks. The more you have been communicating and engaging with others in the organisation, the better chance you will have of overcoming these roadblocks, and building the foundation for long term success.

We believe there are a number of reasons for a process-based approach to improving business performance. Learn more about how our approach can help you identify the pathway to improving business by taking our two free quick assessments on Process Improvement or Process Based Management .

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