Include your customers in your process design

Include your customers in your process design

July 21, 2014 9:44 am 0 comments

When we start work with an organisation, we focus primarily on the processes that impact their customers. This occurs in many of the initial steps organisations must take as they move along the journey to become process-based.

As the organisation develops its list of processes, identify those that are customer facing. As this list is prioritised for improvement initiatives, focus on the processes where there are customer issues.
You should also:
• Identify how each initiative underway impacts the customer;
• Specify the customer centric metrics for that process when the process improvement teams are launched;
• Show the customer as a separate swim lane on the process map or diagram (we usually place the customer at
the top to emphasise importance).

As a process team begins a process design or improvement session, include the customer;
• The customer can provide insight into how the process impacts them;
• The customer can tell you what is important to them (it may not be what you think);
• The more a customer understands what you can provide, the better that process can be aligned to the
customer expectations;
• As you improve the process, focusing on what is important to the customer will help simplify the process,
which leads to improved customer and employee satisfaction.

Results from our Process Based Management Quick Assessments indicate that most organisations do not include customers directly in their process efforts. More startling is that up to 50% of those responding indicated their customers suffer due to the organisations’ processes! This shows that there is much room for improvement in how organisations incorporate voice of the customer in their process efforts.

By including the customer perspective, you will be able to design customer focused business processes. If you do this, you have a much better chance of products and services meeting customer expectations and creating satisfied customers for the long term.

We believe there are many compelling reasons for a process-based approach to improving business performance. Learn more about how our approach can help you identify the pathway to improving business by taking our two free quick assessments on Process Improvement or Process Based Management .

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