Integrate your process diagrams into your ongoing work

Integrate your process diagrams into your ongoing work

June 26, 2014 10:29 am 0 comments

For some time now, I have been talking about the various aspects of Process Based Management (PBM) that will help your business perform better. Improving and managing the processes in your business is an essential element of a successful PBM approach.

Mapping, or modelling, a process is a key tool that a business can use to solve a critical business issue; but never model for the sake of modelling. All too often, a process will be modelled for a specific purpose, and then that process model or diagram is never used again. If we are going to move beyond a project focus, and move to managing our processes on an ongoing basis, that has to change.

How can we use process diagrams on an ongoing basis, and integrate them into daily work?

1. Show the key metrics for that process on the process diagram. Develop and make available the current measures for those metrics on a frequent basis. By showing the measures on the diagram, it gives those managing the process the ability to see where in the process problems may be occurring.

2. Hang the process diagrams in the work area with sticky notes and a pen available nearby. Encourage those who work in the process to post notes on the diagram where problems are occurring. The process diagram should be the focus of discussions to identify how to resolve process issues.

3. Include risks and controls on the process diagrams. These may be needed for compliance reasons but also provide those responsible for managing the process the ability to see how the process design addresses these key risks and controls. This also provides everyone working in the process key insight into why certain steps are important.

4. The process diagrams and related metrics should be part of the ongoing discussion around performance. When problems arise or customer requirements change, the process diagram becomes the focus of the discussion of how to change what we currently do.

Keeping a repository of all the process diagrams is part of the foundation needed to support your ongoing process management efforts. Initially keep your repository simple (a folder on a shared drive), and then once you see the organisation is committed to actually managing processes on an ongoing basis, you can commit to a more robust tool (a business process repository and modelling solution) to manage your process management efforts.

I believe there are many compelling reasons for a process-based approach to improving business performance. Learn more about how our approach can help you identify the pathway to improving business by taking our two free quick assessments on Process Improvement or Process Based Management .

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