It’s important to focus your process efforts on the customer

It’s important to focus your process efforts on the customer

August 15, 2013 1:36 pm 0 comments

All of our companies are in business to provide products and services to our customers.  And yet, how many of the employees in your company actually focus on your customer?  Our traditional functions tend to focus on the task at hand, be it accounting, IT, HR or even Sales and Operations. You may even have a function called Customer Service, with a main role of focusing on the customer.

But isn’t it everyone’s job to focus on the customer?

A significant shift in mindset occurs in a process-based organisation due to the focus on the customer. By managing the end-to-end processes that actually provide value to your customers, you align the view of the employees to the expectations of the customers.  The jigsaw puzzle below identifies the concepts that link together to drive Process Based Management.

Key changes needed to become a process-based organisation are:

  • Promoting a shift in mindset and culture to a process focus;
  • Managing and improving end-to-end processes;
  • Integrating diverse initiatives into a process-oriented approach;
  • Developing and measuring process based performance;

These are all centred on building process capabilities to understand and meet customer expectations.

By managing the processes that actually provide the products and services your customers want, you shift the emphasis in your company onto the customer.

Functions alone do not meet customer expectations; it is the management of your end-to-end processes that allow you to meet your customers’ expectations.  That is why a process focus is so powerful.  Those companies that focus on managing end-to-end processes that provide value to the customer will outperform their competitors who do not.

At Ascent Management we can help your business when:

  • Best-practice strategic analysis and business planning is required.
  • Operational and management improvements are demanded to generate superior results.
  • There is a need to make a measurable performance improvement to become more competitive.
  • A practical course of action is needed to capitalise on growth opportunities.

I am happy to discuss ways in which we can provide value-adding solutions to secure the future of your business. Alternatively try our FREE five minute Process Improvement or Process Based Management quick assessments and see how easy it is to start improving the processes in your business.

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