Launch process efforts based on areas that matter

Launch process efforts based on areas that matter

September 12, 2013 3:01 pm 0 comments

Most organisations have process efforts underway. However, if you’re going to start a process effort in your business it’s important to focus on the areas that matter. A key question to ask is:

‘How do I choose which area to address?’

Where process improvement has started, generally the answers are:

  • Area of support – ‘we identified a process where we had support for an improvement initiative and started there’;
  • Manager driven – ‘the manager of the function wanted to improve his area, so we focused on a process there’;
  • Available data – ‘we had plenty of data supporting this process, so we addressed that process’;
  • Identified problem – ‘we have had problems getting invoices paid on time so we focused on the payment process’.

It makes sense to launch an initial initiative in an area that has support and where you feel it may have a chance of success.  But you need to quickly focus on areas and processes that matter. We use two main criteria:

  1. Do you need to improve the process to address initiatives identified in the strategy of the organisation?
  2. Is the process customer facing and therefore improvement of the process will favourably impact customers?

To utilise these criteria, the organisation needs to have identified their portfolio of processes. With that list of processes completed, you can develop a classification framework to be able to categorise your processes.

At Ascent Management, we believe there are many compelling reasons for a process-based approach to improving business performance. I am always available to discuss ways in which we can provide value-adding solutions to secure the future of your business. Or alternatively try our FREE five minute Process Improvement or Process Based Management quick assessments to start you on the road to launching process efforts in your business.

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