Business Performance Change and Development

Business Performance Change and Development is a systematic process for identifying and closing a measureable gap in results – the gap between ‘what is’ and ‘what could be’.

This results improvement process has four stages:

  • What and where is the gap in results?
    • OutcomeDesired results determined and project specified.
  • Why the gap in results and what is required to close it?
    • OutcomeBarriers determined and changes specified.
  • How are we closing the gap in results?
    • Outcome – Changes designed, developed and implemented.
  • Did we close the gap in results?
    • Outcome – Results evaluated and maintained or improved.

We are committed to a systematic process and robust performance analysis to improve results and close the gap using a range of improvement strategies and tactics.

Three Performance Levels

There are three levels at which performance can be improved.

  • Organisation– What critical business issues are affecting returns to shareholders and customers’ expectations of products or services?

    Organisations need to adapt to trends in the business environment and respond to industry competition.

    We identify the critical business issues to be addressed for maintaining customer satisfaction and earning above average rates of return.

  • Process– Do processes align with organisation goals and customer needs?

    As organisational goals are revised and customer expectations develop, the internal processing system needs to be realigned.

    We identify business improvements to increase efficiency and effectiveness of key processes and address critical business issues.

  • Job/Performer – Are organisation functions, jobs or roles aligned for performing the tasks required to support efficient and effective processes?

    Jobs often evolve in ways that do not fully support the processes that were designed to deliver value to customers.

    We identify which components of the Human Performance System need modification.

Business owners and managers are now recognising the need to analyse and improve or redesign the business systems and processes they manage if the business is to deliver superior products and services to customers and sustain a competitive advantage.

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