Measure your processes to manage process performance

Measure your processes to manage process performance

November 20, 2013 2:24 pm 0 comments

At Ascent Management we help business achieve success and be the best by aligning the organisation, its processes, and the people and roles they perform so that performance is planned and managed in an integrated way.  We call this Process-Based Management and by following simple steps, your business can deliver superior results for those managers seeking to satisfy customer expectations and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

The first step for an organisation on the Roadmap to Process-Based Management is an understanding of, and improvement to, their processes and it becomes critically important to develop measures of process performance. A significant gap we see in most organisations is a lack of process performance measures. Why is that?

  • Organisations have focused on Key Performance Indicators and other operating measures which tend to focus on departments, functions and the organisation as a whole;
  • Not many organisations have a clear view of their key processes; without this view it is difficult to identify measures of process performance;
  • In many instances the data for analysing process performances is not available from existing information systems;
  • No one is responsible for developing and monitoring these types of measures.

What can you do about this? Here are some suggestions.

  • Process measure development should be part of any process improvement project and a key component of the drive towards Process-Based Management;
  • If you do not have a high level view of the core ‘value chain’ process(es) in the organisation, develop one;
  • Show on that high level view the measures to manage that process and develop an initial set of measures.  Now you are in a position to begin to have a discussion about that process and its current performance;
  • Assign responsibility to someone (or preferably a process team) to gather the required data for the specific process and publish the process measures on a periodic basis (as often as is required to see how the process is performing);
  • Assign responsibility to someone (like a process owner) to monitor the process measures and take direct action to improve the process when the measures indicate that improvement is needed to meet performance targets.

Take the time to discuss with us ways in which we can provide value-adding solutions to secure the future of your business.  Or alternatively try our FREE five minute Process Improvement or Process Based Management quick assessments.

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