Never do BPM without Process Improvement

Never do BPM without Process Improvement

March 19, 2014 10:27 pm 1 comment

There is so much discussion around the various aspects of Business Process Management (BPM) but from my perspective, the key to BPM is process improvement.  Everything you are trying to achieve in BPM is based on improving and managing the processes in the organisation.  All the rest of what you are doing should be in support of that goal.  From that perspective, we provide the following guidelines:

  • Never just map for the sake of mapping.  This is a critical point.  Always map a process as part of an improvement effort.  Just mapping a process does not result in improving the performance of the organisation.
  • Solve business issues; you map and improve a process to resolve a business issue.  Solving problems will build support for your process efforts.  Managers are interested in results.  If you can improve results you will get their attention.
  • Build a high level understanding of the key processes in the organisation.  Define where the six to ten key processes start and end and how they connect.  This does not take very long, but will become an ongoing basis of discussion around processes in the organisation.
  • Keep it simple to start with.  The organisation needs to walk before it can run.  Introduce new tools and approaches as they are needed, not all at once.
  • Focus on customer facing processes first.  We see many organisations trying to improve background processes and expecting to see major improvements only to fall short.  Target those processes that have direct interaction with your customers and you will see significant results.

We can help your business achieve success and be the best by aligning the organisation, its processes, and the people and roles they perform so that performance is planned and managed in an integrated way.  We call this Process-Based Management and by following simple steps, your business will deliver superior results for those managers seeking to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

There are a number of ways Ascent Management can provide value-adding solutions to secure the future of your business. Or alternatively try our FREE five minute Process Improvement or Process Based Management Quick Assessments.


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