Peter Westlund started as a Business Mentor and Consultant to my company in June 2008. From the very first meeting being to interview Peter for this role, we started working together and constructively to plan the way forward to manage the issues at that time. Peter remains in this role today, being 3 ½ years on since this first meeting in June 2008.

Peter continues to strive for steadfast, practicable and workable planning strategies. These apply to a wide variety of business matters that are suited to the issue, parties and circumstantial environment at the time, and in the future. This includes matters relating to contracts, legal issues, accounting systems, marketing and promotion, human resources, negotiations and conflict resolution, project management, client relationships and investment decisions.

Peter presents at all times as a professional in all aspects including personal presentation, timeliness, business ethics, and communication. Where assistance is required outside his expertise, he readily has a network of professional contacts to provide advice.

Peter’s professionalism and expertise in business and management is complemented not only from his active involvement with the Australian Institute of Management but through a teaching position at the Curtin University Graduate School of Business, where Peter lectures in the latest developments in business process management.

A true gentleman, impeccably presented and a delight to work with, Peter is regarded as integral to the continued expansion and successful development of my business, to mentoring of my key staff and of myself in business management, for many years to come.

Dianne Allen
Managing Director
Industrial Hygiene Management Pty Ltd

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