Process Improvement Quick Assessment

Ascent Management uses a comprehensive four-step approach to implement Process Improvement for your organisation.  Our approach is to:

  1. Understand– define and document all the cross-functional processes in an organisation;
  2. Analyse – identify problems and analyse the impact on the customer;
  3. Improve – identify performance measures and implement plans;
  4. Measure – implement and measure the process.

To understand how well Process Improvement is deployed in your organisation, we encourage you to complete the 10-minute Process Improvement assessment below.  This assessment will aid your organisation in:

*  Assessing strengths and gaps in your Process Improvement deployment;

*  Establishing a baseline to measure progress;

*  Developing proven action plans to increase success of Process Improvement within your organisation.

At the end of the assessment you will be given a score that will indicate the level of process improvement in your organisation.




Contact us to discuss the Process Improvement assessment results for your organisation.

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