Process Teams: A key to Process Improvement

Process Teams: A key to Process Improvement

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At Ascent Management, we know a key role in any organisational improvement effort is the Process Team. It is essential to identify the Critical Business Issues that need to be addressed as a priority by the Process Improvement Project and then form a cross functional team to improve that process (as well as a Process Owner to oversee the process). With a team leader appointed, team members should be Subject Matter Experts selected from the various functions that are impacted by the process.

When Process Teams are formed, their goal is to understand the process through process mapping and analysis (using the preferred improvement methodology of the organisation e.g. Lean) and address the business issue on which the team was based. With this understanding, and having identified the problems in the process, the team will identify and implement improvements to the process. The team also puts process measures in place so the performance of the process can be monitored.

Completion of this improvement project is where many process improvement efforts stop. Often, a team will be formed to address a project and is then dissolved. However, to manage the process effectively it is critical to take this project into an ongoing monitoring and improvement loop and create a permanent process team to do this.

Ongoing roles of the Process Team are:
• Gather measures as well as other feedback on the process;
• Actively monitor the process measures to see how the process is performing;
• Design and implement process changes needed to achieve the targets set for the process measures. For example, if a measure of procurement is to pay 99% of all invoices to take advantage of discounts, and actual performance is at 80%, the Process Team would identify and implement changes necessary to reach the target;
• Seek input from the Process Owner in the design of the process to address strategic goals or meet changing customer requirements.

Since processes are how an organisation provides products and services to its customers, it is vital to monitor how well the process is meeting customer requirements and expectations. That reality requires the Process Team to actively monitor the process, and make changes as required to keep customers satisfied. It is this continuous improvement mindset embraced by the Process Team and guided by the Process Owner which allows organisations to continually meet customer expectations.

Let us help your business when:
• Best-practice strategic analysis and business planning is required;
• Operational and management improvements are demanded to generate superior results;
• There is a need to make a measurable performance improvement to become more competitive;
• A practical course of action is needed to capitalise on growth opportunities.

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