Process Based Management Quick Assessment

Many organisations are moving beyond managing the functions in the organisation and are today focusing on how products and services are delivered to the customer. Organisations that manage these processes, and the interactions between processes, are using a Process Based Management (PBM) approach.

This PBM approach places the focus squarely on the customer and managing the end-to-end processes. PBM provides a strategic approach to achieve a competitive advantage in the current customer-centric business environment.

To understand where your organisation falls on the PBM roadmap we encourage you to complete the 10-minute PBM assessment below. This simple assessment will aid your organisation in:

* Assessing strengths and gaps in your PBM deployment;
* Establishing a baseline to measure progress;
* Developing proven action plans to increase success of PBM deployment.

At the end of the assessment you will be provided with a score that will indicate the stage of PDM deployment for your organisation.


Free assessment


Contact us to discuss the results of the Process Based Management assessment for your organisation.

For more information view the article on why should your organisation become process based?

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