The role of process advocates

The role of process advocates

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At any given point in time, an organisation with a number of different process efforts underway realises that some of the efforts are disjointed and need refocus. Just as all the functions or departments in the organisation have a structure and are managed, the process efforts underway also need a structure and need to be managed too.

But where do you start?

One of the first priorities is to identify the process advocates in the organisation. These are those individuals who understand and believe in the power of managing processes. They may have experience from other organisations or from projects they previously participated in. The key is in harnessing these individuals belief in, and passion for, the power of a process approach.

With these people identified, form some of them into a group to identify what the organisation needs to do to attain a process focus. This group is well positioned to build a business case for the organisation to begin its journey to more of a process focus.

Ask yourself; what types of tasks would that group undertake?

They could:

• Assess the current state of process efforts in the organisation. What is happening, and how successful are these efforts?
• Identify process concepts that need to be broadly understood across the organisation for a process focus to be successful.
• Socialise process concepts to targeted people in the organisation. These are decision makers, business managers and others who need to understand the value of a process focus if there is any chance of improving process performance.
• Develop a business case identifying the value to the organisation of moving from the current process state to more of a process focus. This will be unique to each organisation, and would address the organisation’s strategy and how a process focus could help achieve strategic objectives.

If this group of advocates can define the need and develop a picture of how a process focus can help the organisation, you have the opportunity to formalise their efforts into an implementation plan and launch the organisation on a structured process journey. Without a coordinated approach, your process efforts will continue to be disjointed and not achieve their full potential value for the organisation.

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