To manage your processes you need process owners

To manage your processes you need process owners

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Every business can perform better, deliver more value to customers, save time and reduce costs. Process Management can help your business achieve this success by aligning the organisation, its processes and people to perform at the optimum level.

Managing the processes of an organisation requires a different perspective to managing the organisation’s projects or functional departments:

• Senior leaders need to create the structure and process-based mindset for employees who work in the
organisations processes (the Process Teams, Process Team Leaders and Process Performers);
• Everyone needs to recognise that managing a process is not simply a one-time process improvement project; it
is an ongoing focus of those who work in, and on, the process;
• A senior executive who is responsible for the process needs to be accountable for managing the process’s
performance. In a similar way to managing the organisation’s functions, an organisation managing its
processes effectively has an executive responsible for managing each process. Most call that executive the
Process Owner.

What are the key responsibilities of the Process Owner?
• Identifies the vision for the process; asks how the process needs to evolve to meet changing business and
customer requirements?;
• Determines process performance targets for those that work in the process;
• Monitors, together with the process team leader, the actual performance of the process, compared to the
• Obtains the resources that are required for those working in and on the process to be successful;
• Where required, approves action plans identified to improve or modify process performance;
• With other process owners, manages and resolves integration issues across all processes. Integration
management is a key to avoid creating ‘process silos’.

Without a Process Owner, you have a project approach to process improvement, when what is really required is the responsible management and continuous improvement of the process.

At Ascent Management, we can help your business when:
• Best-practice strategic analysis and business planning is required;
• Operational and management improvements are demanded to generate superior results;
• There is a need to make a measurable performance improvement to become more competitive;
• A practical course of action is needed to capitalise on growth opportunities.

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