Use your process focus to prioritise and align your initiatives

Use your process focus to prioritise and align your initiatives

October 31, 2013 10:51 am 0 comments

Every organisation I work with has many projects and initiatives underway.  These projects range in size and complexity and they all require resources and management attention.  They can be placed into a number of buckets:

  • Systems projects to install new or upgraded software;
  • Initiatives to improve customer interaction and satisfaction;
  • Process improvement projects targeted at specific areas of concern;
  • Approaches for improving strategic, tactical and/or operational performance.

The challenge for an organisation is to:

Prioritise – ensure enough resources and management focus are dedicated to each project;

Align – so that initiatives do not compete with each other but are linked in an integrated way.

The one common element of all these projects and initiatives is there impact on processes and process performance.  Using a process approach helps to align and prioritise projects and initiatives.  Process owners must:

  • Develop an inventory of all the initiatives and projects underway (this may already exist if you are managing your project portfolio);
  • Identify which high level end-to-end process each initiative supports (use your high level process relationship map, if that doesn’t exist develop a list of 6-10 high level end to end processes);
  • Identify how each of the initiatives supports the strategy of the organisation (if you have tied your process performance target to the strategic measures you have a great starting point).  If there is no link then what is the driver for the initiative?
  • Identify any overlap or conflict between initiatives or other duplication of effort.

Through this exercise you will have a real insight into your portfolio of projects which should be keys to achieving your strategy.  It is also a great first step to managing your portfolio of processes and should become part of your ongoing process approach.  Use what you have learned to prioritise your projects; start with a project that is either a key to your strategy or that significantly impacts your customers.

There are many compelling reasons for a process-based approach to improving business performance.  Learn more about how our approach can help you identify the pathway to improving business by taking our two free quick assessments on Process Improvement or Process Based Management.

Alternatively please give me a call.  I am happy to discuss ways in which Ascent Management can provide value-adding solutions to secure the future of your business.

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