Use your Process Improvement Successes to show what’s possible

Use your Process Improvement Successes to show what’s possible

November 24, 2014 4:02 pm 0 comments

Every organisation has completed successful process improvement projects. Projects may be large or small, highly visible or low key, major impact or just in one area. The key point is that these successes help you show what can be achieved from process improvement projects.

In previous blogs we have discussed how and why communication is so important. We have encountered many organisations who struggle to make the case for process improvement, and find making progress with process improvement efforts challenging.

Here are some of the reasons we see:

• A lack of clarity in the organisation around the goal of the process improvement efforts;
• Numerous approaches being used, which causes uncertainty and confusion;
• Senior Managers do not understand the value of improving processes – many may not have experienced process improvement efforts first hand;
• ‘Initiative Fatigue’ from early efforts that may have been too big, and taken too long;
• Discussion is dominated by those “who really don’t know what they are talking about”.

Your successful process improvement projects help you address these challenges:

• Communication of early successes shows others what is possible, and how the approach can help in their area. Even small wins show the potential of process improvement. Develop stories around these projects to demonstrate the successes and communicate them widely.
• If you have not already done so, use these successful projects and the people who were involved in them to:
– Develop a consistent approach which can be followed for future projects;
– Gain support from senior managers impacted by these projects – use them to market the successes and the impact to other senior managers;
– Develop specific language to create a consistent message and vocabulary around the process efforts that others can use. Keep it simple and focused, and use language that will resonate in the organisation.
– Identify additional opportunities for process improvement.

Your process successes are a key to showing what is possible, and continuing your overall efforts. Even small wins allow you the opportunity to communicate the favourable impact and potential of process improvement.

There is no better way to gain buy in and to get others on board than to show them actual successes and to demonstrate the value that can be achieved.

Let Ascent Management help your business when:
• Operational and management improvements are demanded to generate superior results;
• There is a need to make a measurable performance improvement to become more competitive;
• A practical course of action is needed to capitalise on growth opportunities.

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